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soy melts

meraki soy candles

soy melts


Melts are for use in melt burners as an alternative to mixing oils & water. Each set of meraki melts come in a re-sealable container called a clam shell and look a bit like a block of chocolate! There are six melts per set and you can have any scent (but only one scent is possible per set). Melts are clean, easy & long lasting. You just need to snap a melt cube off and put your melt in the top of your melt burner and light your tea light. The heat of the tea light flame melts the natural soy wax, releasing the fragrance. The fragrance in each melt cube lasts for approximately 10 hours.

  • Ensure the melt burner dish is dry and clean
  • Light a tea light candle and place it underneath the dish where the wax melt will be placed
  • Do not add water or oils to the dish when using a melt
  • Once the tea light is extinguished the melt will harden
  • To change to another fragrance, just pop your cooled wax out of the melt burner or pour your slightly cooled wax back into the container and wipe out your melt burner with paper towel to clean.

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