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meraki refills

Did you know that we are able to refill your meraki jars when you are finished your candle?

This is an glamorous approach to “reduce, reuse and recycle” To organise a refill, return the clean glass jar to meraki with your payment and scent choice. A small cleaning charge per jar will be added if jars are not free of leftover wax, wick or soot.

For a quote to refill your own jars please contact meraki soy candles. Any non-combustible jar can be filled with natural soy wax and your choice of scent. Please note that not all glassware is suitable to be filled. Refill costs will vary depending on the size of your jar.

Suggested Cleaning Method

When your candle is nearly finished, light it and when all wax has melted, blow out and pour the melted wax into an empty container or wipe out with a paper towel. Once the wax is removed you can remove the wick tab with a pair of pliers, grip the metal tab the wick was attached to, and with a gentle twist pull the wick tab from the bottom of the jar. With this done, wash the jar with hot soap and water or run it through a cycle in your dishwasher

Please note that there is a two week minimum turn-around time for all refills to allow the wax to cure. 

When you finish your candle, return to meraki for a refill. Then you get to ENJOY your candles! Again and again and again and again……….!