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candle care

Candles are a gorgeous addition to any home and help add a feeling of luxury whether it be their aroma or just helping to relax and unwind after a long day - knowing how to get the most out of your candle is something candle lovers can all benefit from.

Did you know that candles have a memory? When you light your candle for the first time, make sure you burn it long enough to create a pool of wax across most of the diameter of your candle. By doing this it will ‘remember’ to burn to the edge and not form a tunnel. This will give you maximum fragrance and an even burn. For longevity of your candle, generally burn for 1-2 hours at a time, never exceeding 4 hours. Always trim the wick to about 5mm before you re-light your candle. This will ensure a long lasting candle, minimise soot and remove any mushrooming of the wick left from the previous burn. Burn in a draft free area and store candle away from direct sunlight. Always light all wicks of the candle and use the lid to put out your candle to avoid having a smokey wick. Discontinue burning the candle when there is 5mm of wax at the bottom of the jar. Glass is vunerable to heat and could crack or break when there isn’t enough wax to absorb the heat. Remember that every candle is hand poured and not mass produced, although all effort is made to ensure consistency, every candle will be different and unique.